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Academic Projects for Students
We offer latest technology driven Academic Projects for enthusiastic students of BTech, MCA, MSc, BSc etc.
Training Programs in PHP & JAVA
Various Software Training Programmes are offered for WAMP / LAMP, JAVA with in part of our Live Projects.

Basic Joomla Course :-

  • Covering Topics
    Template Installation
    Module Installation
    Plugin Installation
    Article Configuration
    Section Configuration
    Category Configuration
    Menu Configuration
    Media Configuration
    Front Page Layout
    User Configuration
    Language Configuration

Period of Course :- 30 hours

Fee of Course :- 4500 Rs

Time of Course :- 3 hours per Day

Standard Joomla :-

  • Covering Topics
    Secure Installation and Security Configuration
    Security Features of Joomla
    Possible Security Flaws and Mistakes
    WorkArounds and Fixes in Joomla Security
    Template Migration/editing/creation
    Template creation
    Template Edition
    Template Migration
    SEO optimization
    Menu Customization
    Content Customization
    Component Configuration

Period of Course :- 75hours

Fee of Course :- 6500 Rs

Time of Hours :- 3 hours per day

Advanced Joomla

  • Covering Topics
    CMS creation
    Plugin Development and Packaging
    Component Development and Packaging
    Module Development and Packaging
    Joomla Core Components Migration
    Joomla Version Control
    Php application programming with Joomla

Time of Course :- 120 hours

Fee of Course :- 8000 rs

Time of Hours :- 3hours per day

p.s :- Only applicable for who covered the Standard Joomla Course Program.